Artist Statement: 

I have always been interested in art.  While in college I took art appreciation classes along with classes involving the study of the human body.  After taking classes from local artists in Burbank, California, I began drawing using pencil and pen and ink.  Upon moving to Lake Tahoe, CA, I studied watercolor and combined watercolor with my pen and ink drawings.  Later, I began exploring the three dimensional art of sculpting. I took classes at UCLA and enrolled in bronzing classes at Lake Tahoe Community College where I learned the entire bronzing process.  After moving to Goodyear, Arizona I began taking classes at the Scottsdale Art School where I had the opportunity to study under Cowboy Artists of America, John Coleman and Orland Joe. 

 Eight years ago I started on a new path by sculpting stone and combining it with bronze.  This has been the most difficult and rewarding artwork I've done.  Unlike most stone carvers, I work with stones that are almost as hard as diamonds, which require the use of diamond saws and tools. Sometimes I will have a stone in my studio for a month, turning it, handling it and looking at it from different angles, trying to see what is in the stone.  How does the color in the stone run?  What is the shape the stone will want to take?  Then, after I decide on a shape I must decide what bronze will go with the stone.  Will it be a man or women?  Will it be passive or aggressive?  Will the motion of the piece be in the stone, the bronze or both?  I then begin working on top of the stone I sculpt the wax that will become the bronze for that stone. The last thing I must consider is that when turning the wax into bronze it will shrink about 7 percent.  When I finish, I want my piece to draw you in and for you to feel what the subject is feeling.  I want my buyers to be able to connect emotionally with their piece.  If I am able to do this, I have accomplished what I set out to do.

Every piece of stone and bronze I create is one of a kind.  The stone I use comes from the Southwest United States, Australia and parts of Europe.  Many of my stones I have hunted for myself.  I am the only person who combines stone and bronze in this manner. 

I have spent time in Africa and the Hawaiian Islands and have lived in the Southwest United States. I have always been drawn to African, American Indian and Hawaiian cultures, and the purpose of my art is to depict their pride, strength and dignity.

 I am a juried member of:

  •  Western Artist of America
  • Arizona Art Alliance
  • Sonoran Art League

I am a signature member of:

  •  Southwest Premier Artist
  • Western Premier Artist
  • Arts of Estrella

I have participated in juried shows in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. 

My work has received first place, second place and honorable mention awards.

 My work received the Western Art Collector Magazine Award of Excellence at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show in Prescott, AZ.

 I have been the featured artist at the Sonoran Art League’s Out West Art Festival, the Premier Southwest Artists, Casa Grande Art Festival and the Thunderbird Fine Art and Wine Show in Carefree, AZ